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Over 20 years of experience providing expert services

We, as Everest Link Management Consultants, have extensive experience in the field of education and processing admissions for international students to study in Canada. We are certified ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council), ICEF Agent Training, and CCEA (Canada Course for Education Agents) specialists. We have been assisting students in getting enrolled into their preferred educational institutions in Canada. They take study any program for Research/Post Graduation/Under Graduation degrees or Diploma certification. Our skilled team provides trustworthy services.


Our Strategy

We believe in preparing valid documents through accurate information to avoid any frustration and speed up the admission process.


Our Mission

Everest dedicatedly guides students to take advantage of excellent educational opportunities in Canada for academic excellence with our friendly support.

Who We Are

Everest Link Management Consultants is a Student Visa or Study Permit advisor for the students in the UAE. Canadian government issues Study Permits to the international students who enrolled at qualified educational institutions in the country. Everest has a partnership with numerous Canadian public colleges and universities to help the learners to pursue their higher studies in Canada.

Why We Care

We aim at changing society and its present state of affairs. We are confidently fulfilling the dreams of the students in the UAE for revolutionizing their academic talents and gaining world-class experience to excel in their profession. We help them to get high-class degrees and diplomas from the top universities in Canada.

What We Do

We, at Everest Link Management Consultants provide the latest information about the academic programs offered at the colleges and universities in Canada to the international students. We contact our Canadian educational partners to provide the right information to you regarding deadlines of semesters, admission requirements, list of public universities & colleges, and so on.

Assisting International Students

Everest Link Management Consultants assist the students in the UAE to get higher studies in Canada. We prepare valid documents for their financial capabilities, identity, and explanation for the study. We help them in choosing the best programs and getting study permits before deadlines. We prepare valid documents to show their identity, financial source, and cause of the studies.

Facts About Everest

Study visa success rate

We have a track record of high Canada study visa success rate for International students. We have been working hard for their admissions and visa applications. We provide them up to date information and resources having communication with our Canadian educational partners.

Canada Course for Educational Agents

We are Canada Course for Educational Agents certified experts to guide students to study in Canada. We have qualified the training program for guiding students to choose the best academic programs at top universities or colleges through excellent assessment and support.

Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant

We are one of authorized Canadian educational immigration and visa Consultants in the UAE. We have in-housed ICCRC certified consultants to guide the students and professionals. We help them get registration with Canadian Institutions and complete their UG/PG Degrees or Diplomas.

The ICEF Agent Training Course

The ICEF Agent Training Course (IATC) is offered by ICEF to train counselors to support learners in international education. It supports education systems, legal requirements, and visas. We at Everest have experienced and certified ICEF trained educational counselors to guide you step by step.

Authorized Representative of Institutions

We have an association with many Canadian universities & colleges that support international scholars to study and stay there. We provide the informational updates and current needs of the institutions to them for their enrolments. Canadian institutions deal with authorized representatives only.

Everest Focus is Only in Canada

We do not work for other nations except for Canada, like many consultants who do it nowadays. We focus on Canada as a top destination for international students for its prosperity & multi-cultural society. We make an easy path to Canada. We are a gateway to Canada for those who seek a bright career.


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